1. What do you write?

I write because I cannot always talk
with people on important topics. I have blogged for over 10 years, and I find
that writing helps me think, helps me engage with others’ ideas, and helps me
explain ideas that may interest them. Speaking 1:1 is much more effective but
not scalable.

2. Why did you decide to join the author team for
the anthology 2047 Short stories from our common future?

As the editor of Life Plus 2 Meters, a different anthology of shorter Cli-Fi stories, I was attracted to the opportunity to write my own piece.

3. Where do you get inspiration?

I was born and raised in California,
where I got my PhD in resource economics, with a specialization on water. From
this background, it was easy for me to imagine the future of farming in
California, which is already unsustainable in several ways. This medium allowed
me to take a speculative, yet realistic, view of where today’s actions are now

4. What are you writing at the moment?

Besides blogging (always something!), I am revising an academic paper on the origins of the Dutch drinking water sector and (soon) another paper on teaching students how to understand (and perhaps address) the common-pooled tragedies around them.

5. Why should we read it?

You should read my academic work if
you’re interested in a careful, documented explanation of a policy or behavior.
If you’re in a hurry, then you should read my blog (aguanomics), as it offers
brief comments on various issues.

bio/photo: http://www.kysq.org/bio.html