What do you write?

I write speculative fiction of all types, preferably science fiction and fantasy. I’ve been an avid reader and writer of these genres since I was very young. I have also co-authored a general fiction novel published in 2007. The collaboration was an interesting experience, and I wouldn’t mind attempting it again someday. I prefer to write short stories over novels. I’ve been published in a variety of places: online and electronic magazines and anthologies, a few print anthologies. I haven’t broken into the major markets yet, but that’s a goal I’m aiming for. Also I would like to tackle a novel again someday.

Why did you decide to join the author team for the anthology 2047 Short stories from our common future?

An open invitation on a science fiction & fantasy forum intrigued me. I’ve always been very conscious and concerned about our environment, especially in regards to pollution in all forms. In fact, my very first published story in a college literary journal (a long time ago) was about the effects of pollution in the future. I have always been involved in recycling efforts. The idea for my story in the anthology about plastic pollution, “Driftplastic”, was one I had back in 2008, but I hadn’t fully developed the plot at that time. This invitation inspired me to finish that story. It is an honor to be included among the excellent authors represented in this anthology.

Where do you get inspiration?

That’s a common question writers hear a lot. The truth is I can get my inspiration from pretty much anything: something I’ve read, an overheard conversation, a stray thought, an event, an object, or a combination of things. Particularly topics that are important to me, such as the environment, injustice, prejudice, and my Christian faith, are often a source of inspiration for me.

What are you writing at the moment?

I always have multiple ideas for short stories at very stages of completion, some geared to specific writing contests or calls for submissions. For example, I’m currently working on stories with the following themes: music, flawed reflections, future generations, climate change, and the state of Christianity in the far future. For some reason, I’m happiest when I have several stories in process at the same time. Maybe I’m a little crazy.

Why should we read it?

Because, hopefully, you like to read what I like to write. I tend to write speculative stories with classic themes and a twist that might interest a broad base of readers. Sometimes my stories are serious, and sometimes not so serious. However, I generally try to instill hopeful messages in my writings.