What do you write?
I write almost anything. I write poetry and have been doing it since I was 10. I write short stories and blog entries. I am also working on a novel but it’s harder than I ever imagined. As to genres I mostly write Young Adult and with a touch of fantasy or sci-fi. My poems come from the heart and most of them are about loss or things I have faced. They are mostly in Danish.

Why did you decide to join the author team?
The project sounded interesting to me and I felt like I could contribute with my own style of writing. Climate change and the well-being of the inhabitants of this planet has always been important to me. Especially when it comes to the innocent beings – such and animals and children.

Where do you get inspiration?
I get my inspiration from life. And for this short story I did a whole lot of research to find out what the prognoses is for the planet. And man was that difficult. Scientists say many different things, so I chose a subject and started to look into what would happen if either Antarctica or Arctica would melt. Then on to if aero planes could work if they had solar panels. I learned a lot from the project.

What are you writing at the moment?
I really want to finish translating my short story to Danish and continue working on it. Maybe make a book of short stories with the different characters from the original or just continue were I left it. I don’t really know yet.

Why should we read it?
You should read my story if you care for the Arctic and Antarctic wildlife. And if you like a strong female lead. My story will most likely attract a younger female audience, but I would say almost anyone could read it. Another reason why to read it is if you are interested in reading a well-researched short story that gives an alternative to what we could do and what we need to be aware off. You should read the entire book because it’s filled with exciting stories about how 9 strangers think the world could end up looking like in 30 years.