1. What do you write?

I’m passionate about systems thinking. Our decisions impact society and environment every day, but we don’t always understand the effects of our actions on the complex ecosystem of people and nature. Competing advice about the best way to live creates uncertainty which slows our progress toward true sustainability. How can we make a better world if we worry that everything we do makes things worse? I write stories about characters who struggle to protect the precarious environmental balance after a massive program of social and technology change stabilizes the climate on earth. I believe that fiction can help people believe in a future where humanity finds the will to address climate-change and to thrive in a new world with different ways of life. It is my hope that, after seeing the beautiful world we can create, people will be more willing to build it.

2. Why did you decide to join the author team for the anthology 2047 Short stories from our common future?

The Anthology project represented an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded authors around the world with a passion for the power of fiction to address climate change. I was thrilled to get to know and to learn more about writing from such a fascinating group of authors.

3. Where do you get inspiration?

Technology innovators inspire and amaze me. From research universities to startup companies, new inventions and business models spark my imagination and suggest ways to solve the global problems of emissions and scarce resources. These remarkable breakthroughs can illuminate pathways for a world in dire need of climate stability.

4. What are you writing at the moment?

I’m writing the first installment in a trilogy. This full-length climate fiction novel follows the protagonist of my Anthology 2047 short story as she confronts environmental change on her path to corporate success.

Here’s the summary:

“Years after the social and economic revolution which saved humanity from climate collapse in the 21st century, the earth shifts again. High-tech entrepreneur Willoy must beat out her competition for the next product hit or she will lose her job. In secret, she readies the world’s first prediction-enabled humanoid robots for a market in need of foresight in a time of growing geologic instability. Facing sabotage and mysterious threats, Willoy and Pramesh must journey across the country to enlist powerful allies and prevent environmental destruction.”

5. Why should we read it?

When we hear about climate change, we shrink back in the face of so much bad news and controversy. This novel provokes readers to resist folding inward. After engaging with dynamic characters in a world which has solved climate change, I hope people will take action, reach out, drive toward solutions, and realize a new vision for tomorrow.